Please Read to earn your tags for Points..

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Please Read to earn your tags for Points.. Empty Please Read to earn your tags for Points..

Post by CharRose on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:55 am

If you participate on Games Board, QOTD, or 
Entertainment board than please read this in full
and do as it says.... 

You will get tags for reaching so many points. I will go thru 
fill these prezzies on my days off unless I get bored lol.... 

Tags made for this will not be given to anyone else they are special to
this ONLY..... 

First Tag at 25 Points
And than after that
Every 75 Points you will get 1 Tag
So tags at 75, 150, 225, 300, 375, 450 and so on. 

To make this a bit easier I need you to do one thing... 

Start a NEW thread on this board titled with your name
Example if I made a thread I would title it CharRose Thread.
Inside the thread put anything you want me to know however
please put the name you want on all tags made for you. 

When I make your tags I will make them and post them right in your thread. 

Each person needs their own thread for this reason. I will check the thread once a week
and make tags for those who won at that point.... Your points update when you post
which is why I need you to make a thread. That way I need you to make a thread so I can
just check your thread.... 

Any questions ask... 

Remember Please do NOT post on someone elses thread only Yours... 

Tags for this are currently being made by Dawn thanks for helping Dawn.

Thanks Charlotte

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Please Read to earn your tags for Points.. Empty Re: Please Read to earn your tags for Points..

Post by VenusGoddess on Tue Jan 19, 2016 11:56 pm

OK Thanks for the update :)
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