Newbie Announcement..

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Newbie Announcement..

Post by Barrgirl2 on Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:20 pm

Hello and Welcome


Tag Emporium 2

On behalf of myself, the 18 fantastic taggers and the management team, I would like to say

we are so very happy you have joined us

We know you are going to love this group as much as we enjoy having you.

This is a Very laid back and stress free group.

Please...NO Drama

Although this is a Brand New Group, we are not new to the
Tagging Community.

You are about to experience an array of tag offers by the
Best Creative Tagging Team
I have had the pleasure to know.
These are the boards you should check in on before you start requesting tags.
Rules - please read and sign
Getting to Know You - please use our template so our taggers know what type of tags you like
Non-PSPer List - if you do not PSP please add your name to this list.
Member's Birthday - please add your name to our Birthday List.
Meet Our Team - this will familiarize you with our management team and our tagging team
News and Announcements - important updates on what is going on in Tag Emporium.

We have lots of fun things to offer Taggers and non-PSPers

Make yourself comfortable, take a look around

Enjoy your stay
Enjoy the people
Enjoy the Tags
Enjoy the Fun

Visit often!



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